EVITAcastorchestraAFTER almost six months in rehearsal and general preparations, the Wonthaggi Theatrical Group stages its final production of EVITA today, at 2pm (Sunday) at the Union Community Arts Centre.

This unusual production has been greeted with rave reviews and rapt applause over the course of its three-week season but today, Evita is finally laid to rest.

Many have gone away from the theatre not only humming the tunes but also with a determination to find out more about the intriguing life and times of Eva Peron and Argentina.

Once again the production was a celebration of everything that is great about the Wonthaggi, Bass Coast and surrounding community.

But wait, there’s more Wonthaggi Theatrical Group will be bringing you an extravaganza of shows over the next 12 months including The Diary of Anne Frank, Little Shop of Horrors, Miss Saigon and Chicago to name a few…EVITAcastonly