As the Federal Minister for the Environment in particular, and to a lesser extent, the local Member for Flinders, Greg Hunt comes in for a lot of scrutiny and, at times, criticism.

It goes with the territory.

But at times that criticism is unfair to the point of needing to be corrected, and he claims such was the case with a letter about him, penned by Christopher Nagle, Grantville, in the June 21, 2016 South Gippsland Sentinel-Times.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“Greg is asking for us to vote for him while he and his mates are working as hard as possible for the interests of entities that are not citizens of this country and most of whom pay minimal tax, if any; a state of affairs our Mr Hunt and his friends would have been quite happy to perpetuate until they were recently exposed by the very embarrassing ‘Panama Papers’ leaks and Oxfam research.”

It appears that Mr Nagle is criticising Mr Hunt and his friends for being “quite happy to perpetuate” the situation where foreign companies and individuals are allowed to pay little or no tax, rather than accusing him of any direct link with the Panama Papers.

But, for the record, Mr Hunt wishes to make the situation clear:

“I completely support debate and freedom of speech. However Mr Nagle exceeded those bounds when he wrote a letter to the Sentinel Times deliberately associating myself with the Panama Papers. This is not just untrue but is an unacceptable and false slur, which has no basis in fact,” said Mr Hunt.HUNT-Greg_web