SOUTHERN Fusion’s Under 17 netball team, which is full of South Gippslanders, is off to Newcastle on the June long weekend to play in the NSW State Netball Tournament.
They were lucky enough to be invited as an invitational team and will play approximately 23 games over a three day period.
Their coach Ben, who is also the president of Southern Fusion Netball Club, is excited that he can give these talented girls from all over South Gippsland the opportunity to play in the event.
“These Under 17 girls deserve this opportunity and have been fundraising for the past three months to raise the money needed to do this tournament.
“The Under 17s have been very successful this year, starting out in Under 17s Section 3 in Waverley and getting moved to Section 2 after three weeks into the season.
“Our Under 17s currently sit in the top spot of Section 2 and are now guaranteed through their hard work to make finals.”