THE Greens candidate Donna Lancaster of Inverloch has drawn the all-important number one position on the ballot paper for the July 2, 2016 Federal election.

Speaking after the ballot draw at Warragul today. Ms Lancaster said the top place on the ballot paper could be worth more than 1% of the vote to the lucky candidate.

“For those that haven’t made up their minds or are a bit disillusioned by the whole process, they might just number the ballot 1-8 and be done with it,” Ms Lancaster said.

“But there has got to be more to the result on the day and I think the three candidates who have been out in the electorate for months; myself, Russell Broadbent and Chris Buckingham, they’re the ones serious about the issues and what the people of McMillan are looking for from their next government.”

The ALP candidate, Chris Buckingham, who drew number 7 on the ballot, said he was working hard and hoped to win but he at least wanted to make McMillan a marginal seat again.

“We all know that you get a lot more attention when the seat is marginal and I’d like to see the result a lot closer than it has been in the past.

“I mean, something like the Long Jetty at Port Welshpool should have been funded years ago.

“I think Labor has distinguished itself from the others on their commitment to health and education but the other issues are jobs, renewable energy and the environment, and locally obviously the plight of the dairy industry, roads and public transport infrastructure and also sporting and community facilities like the need for a new basketball and sports facility at Wonthaggi.”

The election will also feature a Leongatha local, Jim McDonald, an agricultural services contractor for the Liberal-Democrats.The ballot draw has been completed and the eight candidates in ballot order for McMillan are as follows: 1. Donna Lancaster (Greens), 2. Kathleen Ipsen, 3. Norman Baker (Rise Up), 4. Jennifer McAdam, 5. Jim McDonald (Lib-Dem), 6. Nathan Harding, 7. Chris Buckingham (ALP), 8. Russell Broadbent (Lib).
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