LIKE most people, Wonthaggi resident Shannon Evans considers her pets to be part of her family.
She feeds them, looks after their wellbeing, and generally feels close to them – but Shannon’s pets are not like everyone else’s.
For the past two years, she has been the proud owner of an increasing number of camels.
The first time she ever saw a one, though, was only two years ago at a market in Echuca.
Despite having never encountered a camel before, she bought three right then and there.
“I always had horses and I thought I wanted to try something different,” Shannon said.
Today, she has 30 camels, which she keeps on her farm.
However, only those first three camels she bought – Roxy, Rebel and Roma – and a bull camel named George, are considered pets.
What does she plan to do with them all exactly?
Well, simply put, Shannon’s goal is to ride them. So far, she has managed to successfully ride just one camel named Alice.
“They move differently than horses,” Shannon said of her experience riding camels. “How they walk is completely different.”
Shannon said the animals are quite affectionate and perhaps a little needy when it comes to attention.
“They’re a lot different from horses because they like to be with you all the time,” Shannon said.
“They’re all fighting for attention. They like to be all over you all the time.”
In addition to her camels, Shannon also owns several alpacas, llamas, horses and donkeys.