Has anyone else noticed the lack of attention that the electorate of McMillan receives during an election campaign?
The major parties just don’t care about us – especially those of us in the far corners of the electorate.
The 11.8 per cent swing needed to unseat Broadbent makes us a very safe seat for the Libs.
The Nationals don’t even run, despite the seat being in a strong farming community.
From where I sit I have only seen one candidate putting in the effort to win votes in McMillan, a seat where everyone seems to expect that Broadbent just needs to go through the motions to get another tenure.
So why would we keep our electorate as a safe seat?
Why wouldn’t we shake things up a bit and make the politicians start to work to help the people in the electorate of McMillan? Given the recent pork barrelling of the major parties, the only way for us to get attention and funding is to make the electorate marginal.
Also – let’s just examine what Russell Broadbent has done to reward us for making his seat so safe.
A scan through his recent parliamentary speeches indicates very little about his plans and ideas for our region.
His most recent speech decries the Greens attempts to shut down the filthy Latrobe Valley power stations, claiming that this would cost jobs in the region.
He then acknowledges that these carbon factories will close down due to their advanced age, but there is no mention of a plan to bring the new renewable industries to the region.
A strong local member would be in parliament fighting to bring new renewable energy industries, and jobs, to our region.
It only makes sense to replace old industry with the new and to set up the region for future growth. Sadly Broadbent has no plan and he lacks the understanding of where the world is headed.
In parliament he has voted against investment in renewable energy, carbon farming, restricting donations to political parties and the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
He is a disciple of the coal industry and not willing to do anything that would reduce profits to the coal industry.
He has repeatedly voted against future renewables jobs in the Latrobe Valley and McMillan.
It’s now time for the electors of McMillan to shake things up and find a representative who is prepared to do the hard work for us.
Before you vote in the election put some serious thought into all of the candidates and make sure that you vote for the future of our children and our region.
I’m yet to decide where my vote will go but I am pretty confident that Broadbent will be pretty low on the list!
Glenn Sullivan, Wonthaggi.