nbn1CLAIMS have been made that the contractors working for NBN Co in Wonthaggi (and elsewhere in Bass Coast) have completely stuffed up the process, leaving dozens of businesses and homeowners in the town without phone services and internet services for much of the day on Friday, June 24.

Already putting up with considerable inconvenience over the past few weeks, with lines dropping out, or completely out of landlines and operating on mobile, the situation went from bad to worse last Friday, prompting Telstra to step in.

According to a local IT expert, a Telstra officer explained to him what has happened.

“They’ve apparently been using 0.9mm connectors to join 0.4mm cable with the result that connection is intermittent, causing lines and the internet to constantly drop out.

“Telstra has been getting a lot of the heat for it when it’s not their problem, so much so that they’ve stepped in and taken over.

“They had a high-level meeting of Telstra executives today and escalated the whole problem which they perceived as getting out of hand.”

Business owners in Wonthaggi are livid. Many say they have lost thousands of dollars in lost business and have had to put off staff, some of them permanently.

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