Hey there Russell Broadbent, Wonthaggi is a town in your electorate!
When are you going to get down our way and campaign?
Or have you decided that you don’t need our votes?
You should know of Wonthaggi. It is where we used to rip coal out of the ground at the State Coal Mine.
Given you love of coal and the coal industry, I am sure that you are aware of us.
We have since moved on and have a small wind farm overlooking the old mines and others just around the coast.
Maybe you should think of moving on too.
I noticed in the recent campaign debate in Warragul that you commented that “It’s important that we have this amazing resource, which is our coal, that we built our prosperity on and that we find new ways to use it or more efficient ways to use the coal resource that’s there, because we’re still going to need base load power into the next 20 to 30 years”.
Rubbish! The best thing that we can do with coal is leave it in the ground.
If we are still using coal in 20 years’ time – or even 10 years’ time – then we are dooming our future generations to a terrible fate on a heating planet.
I note that at the same debate that Ms Lancaster (Greens), Mr Buckingham (ALP) and Mr Muir (Australian motoring enthusiasts) all threw their support behind finding renewable energy solutions.
This is our future, our way forward.
We need to work out how we are going to transition the workforce as the filthy power stations close down.
We need a representative who will fight to develop new renewable energy industries in the seat of McMillan.
We need a representative who is visionary and will take our electorate into the future.
What we don’t need is a representative who will just sit and do nothing for the next three years, one who refuses to answer emails or be accountable to his electorate.
So, Russell Broadbent, it is time to move on, time for you to retire and time for the voters of McMillan to find a representative who will take us into the future prosperously.
Glenn Sullivan, Wonthaggi.