It’s ironic, isn’t it?
An underperforming council trying to convince its jurisdictional representatives that they should score the council higher in the next survey while at the same time choosing arbitrarily to discontinue the Inverloch transfer station.
Indicating that they are very concerned about the cost of running a service to a community such as a transfer station, the council expresses concern about the cost being almost as much as they pay to employ just one of their over-remunerated senior officers.
Roads, Rubbish and Runoff should be their 3Rs.
But not for this foolhardy and foolish council which chooses to ignore the lessons that should have been learned from loss of the Phillip Island transfer station.
Joining the ranks of those who have failed to learn the lessons of the past, they are anxious to consign hundreds of cars and trailers to regular 34km round trips to the Wonthaggi tip by the growing number of Inverloch residents.
The cost for cleaning up the styrene, cardboard and tree limbs that will be constantly littering the roads will most likely exceed the annual cost of maintaining the transfer station.
Never mind the additional traffic congestion and the increased roadside illegal dumping that will inevitably deter tourists and impact on the local economy.
Predictably, councillors will lament, “Just what do we have to do to get a positive satisfaction survey?” Well, try thinking, for a change.
Try focussing on what constituents really value.
Your business, councillors, is not the furtherance of humanitarian causes, not cake shows and not youth forums – as attractive and attention-grabbing as these might be.
Our business is making sure the taxes you charge us under the guise of “rates” are spent on services that we all need and use.
Your business is not re-distributing wealth or pursuing personal causes with OPM (other people’s money).
If you continue with the dopey and short-sighted course of action in the twilight of your electoral omnipotence, you will have lost to Inverloch an irreplaceable asset and service.
Mind you, how you have managed to turn the major function of your proper business into a user-pays impost on ratepayers, I will never know. Imagine trying to find a site and establish a transfer station, in Inverloch, from scratch in 2016!
It would be easier to build a marble footpath from Inverloch to Cape Paterson through every bit of scrub on the way. And, we all know how easy that would be!
One can only hope that the loss of collective, cognitive function by councillors, represented by this unwanted and disastrous proposal, is only temporary.
Wake up to yourselves, councillors, and try aiming for an improved performance towards the end of your reigns so that you score at least a little bit higher on the bottom quartile from the next survey!
Now, that would be a welcome improvement.
Kevin Mackay, Inverloch.