By Michael Giles

DESPITE the cool and occasionally showery weather, the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend was still very busy in Inverloch.
There were lots of people out and about right through from the Park Run (in the rain) and cycle training ride on Saturday morning to the cafe culture and house hunting on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and the salmon fishing at the Toorak Road corner on Monday afternoon.
But, probably because of the weather, the failure by the Bass Coast Shire Council to extend the Ramsay Boulevard/Surf Parade footpath this year was especially exposed.
With the ground being wet underfoot and the beach cold and windswept for much of the time, hundreds of people took the pathway for their exercise; couples walking, family groups pushing prams, kids on bikes, older visitors and locals walking up to town for their paper and supplies.
The path was shoulder-to-shoulder for much of the time and a great pity that they couldn’t continue on enjoying the views and participating in a healthy lifestyle further along past Ayr Creek as planned.
It must be said that the shire’s administration is not to blame.
The people’s representatives, the councillors themselves held up the pathway process, wasted money and set the project back one, possibly two or more years.
And it’s on weekends like this one that you realise what a missed opportunity it has been.