SUBARU’S famous all-wheel drive handling was put the test and passed with flying colours on a drizzly Saturday for the grand opening of Leongatha Subaru.
Visitors were encouraged to take a drive in their favourite model and they were given the perfect greasy conditions to find out just how well Subaru is suited to South Gippsland.
Subaru experts were there to explain the range of models, including the new XV and the Levorg which will be released in July.
Traralgon Subaru’s Wayne Robertson said the XV is set to be a massive hit.
“It hits the sweet spot in the market. It has the extra ground clearance without being huge, it has all wheel drive so it’s a safer drive in wet and greasy conditions, and it looks fantastic,” he said.
It’s also amazingly easy on fuel at just seven litres per 100km.
Subaru is known for its SUVs such as the Forester and Outback, and the XV is the new, sporty version.
The Levorg also attracted plenty of interest on Saturday.
“This is a pre-production model,” Wayne said.
“It’s a family wagon with the WRX engine.”
It includes a long list of high-tech extras as standard including the Eyesight Crash Avoidance system which will ensure the car maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front at all times.
“This technology not only makes you safer, it actually makes the car cheaper to insure,” Wayne said.
“It’s standard on the Liberty, Levorg, Outback and most Forester models.”
The Leongatha Motors team of Russell Hemming and Neil Forth chatted with Subaru fans who were thrilled to have the opportunity to buy locally and support the town, as well as having the convenience of local servicing and after sale support.
Russell said a common theme that emerged from the day was that many families become Subaru families.
“Mum and Dad might have one each and then their kids get them as well.”
Visit Leongatha Subaru and take one for a test yourself.