A NUMBER of Wonthaggi businesses were impacted by a Telstra phone and internet outage last the week.
At Wonthaggi Tyrepower, the phone line was down for Tuesday and half of Wednesday, leaving owner Kris Baker unable to receive phone calls, emails and process invoices.
He spent four hours on the phone to Telstra across the two days and line tests showed there was no fault in the line on Wednesday.
He tried to troubleshoot the issue, before a local technician fixed the problem. Kris was frustrated with the situation and said it definitely impacted on his business.
“I had phone calls yesterday I had to ring out to make orders, and my phone would beep and say I’ve got two missed calls,” he said.
“I listened to the messages because I had it diverted, no message, no phone number, what did they want to spend? How do I know? I’d rather not know.
“I just can’t believe that in this day and age you can have internet wherever you go, just about on the moon. But your telephone line doesn’t work in your own shop – it just seems crazy to me.”
Around the corner in McBride Avenue, Work Solutions Gippsland was also affected.
Service delivery consultant Gero Gardener was dreading the build-up of tasks due to the outage.
Although she could still hold face-to-face appointments with clients, vital information and resources could not be accessed.
“There are certain things that need to be done by certain dates and that’s not going to happen,” she said.
“It’s a bit hard to explain that sort of stuff to Centrelink and meet their requirements.
“My job mainly is on the computers so I’ve been tidying most of the paperwork but it’s really annoying because it means I’m going to have a huge workload when it comes back on.”
Two doors down at the Coffee Collective, the café’s internet remained connected but the phone didn’t work throughout Tuesday and Wednesday.
The phone issues meant the café was unable to receive bulk orders for coffees during busy periods and order supplies.
The café also had issues with its internet connection two weeks prior for two days, but the phone was unaffected during that period.
Telstra Area General Manager Loretta Willaton said as National Broadband Network work continues in the Wonthaggi area, customers may have noticed an interruption to their service.
“Telstra has been working closely with NBN to minimise these impacts,” she said.
“We estimate about 50 customers may have had an interruption to their internet or landline service the past few days. The work being completed is complex and time-consuming.
“We are sorry for the inconvenience this might be causing people but when completed it will deliver faster and more reliable internet for locals.”