By King George

Steve Waldron now knows how the fish feel after inadvertently piercing his ear.

Steve Waldron now knows how the fish feel after inadvertently piercing his ear.

Michael De Hamer finished first in the in the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Queen’s Birthday Weekend Competition with a 500g Gurnard for 500 points.

Michael De Hamer finished first in the in the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Queen’s Birthday Weekend Competition with a 500g Gurnard for 500 points.

Paul De Hamer caught the heaviest gummy shark at 6.45kg and finished second with an 820g Salmon for 410 points in the Venus Bay Angling Club Queen’s Birthday Weekend Competition.

Paul De Hamer caught the heaviest gummy shark at 6.45kg and finished second with an 820g Salmon for 410 points in the Venus Bay Angling Club Queen’s Birthday Weekend Competition.

Joe Griscti finished third in the Venus Bay Angling Club Queen’s Birthday Weekend competition with a 720g Salmon for 360 points.

Joe Griscti finished third in the Venus Bay Angling Club Queen’s Birthday Weekend competition with a 720g Salmon for 360 points.

THE reasonable but cold conditions have seen a few boaters and land-based anglers trying their luck.
The so called “summer fish” have been hard to come by which is usually the case at this time of year but the “winter fish” have arrived in good numbers.
There was a report that involved a local fishing legend Steve Waldron.
Steve is a nice bloke and a very keen angler who seldom fails to catch a fish.
This time however the boot was on the other foot.
It turns out he was out in a boat battling a fish and was about to bring the big fellow aboard.
The lure broke free at the vital moment, the hook was an unguided missile and before he realized it, Steve had it stuck securely in his right ear and that was where it stayed until after considerable pain, yelling and cursing, it was surgically removed by a bemused and somewhat confused doctor.

Surf: Those who have braved to cold and making the trek to places such as Kilcunda, Williamsons and Baxters beaches have been have been reasonably happy with their returns.
The best time to try your luck is on the run-in tide where good size salmon are being caught in fairly good numbers.
Baits to use are whitebait, squid, and pilchards, along with a variety of artificial lures.
There have been salmon to the 3kg mark being caught but fish this size are not all that great and many anglers throw them back unless they want one for bait for larger species.
There is also a mixture of tommy roughs, flathead and the occasional pinkie might make an appearance.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where there were 23 fish weighed in.
Fish of the month was perch and president Steve was very happy with the great turn up at the weighin.
He thanked the sponsor Taranto Glass.
The weather conditions were just about perfect for the competition.
The winner of the senior male section was Sean Thompson with a very nice perch that weighed in at 940gms for 3760 points.
The senior female section was won by Deb Sharples with a 415gm perch for 1660 points.
The junior male section was won by Flyn Dennis with a 515gm perch for 2060 points.
The junior female winner was Asha Dennis with 485gm perch for 1948 points.
Alan Bentick won the veteran’s section with a 475gm perch for 1900 points.
President Steve welcomed everyone along and hoped that they enjoy themselves.
He also thanked everyone who supplied the mixed variety of casseroles as well as the other very much-appreciated volunteers.
The casseroles went off exceptionally well with the 70-odd members, visitors and kids who left nothing at the table.
President Steve is of the opinion that we should do this again and few would disagree.
All that is required is that some of those great people to volunteer their services once again if they could and we will be assured of another great weighin next month.
Just contact Steve or any other committee member to see how you can help.
There was a report that the president himself was so determined to catch a fish and was out in his boat looking for a perch.
Out on the water he was very intent looking at his depth sounder and just crawled along at a slow speed.
Around and around, up and down he went, stopping and starting, apparently not looking where he was going.
He ran into another boater! In no uncertain terms she described in very colourful language what she thought of the president and to make things worse he couldn’t escape, as his motor wouldn’t start.
It appears that the swearing lady could not understand why Mr President wanted to fish in the exact spot where she had been in for some time.
He actually dropped anchor nearby, hoping to restart his motor but this only made the unhappy lady even angrier.
Eventually she settled down but the president still was unable to start his boat.
He was eventually towed to relative safety (from the lady that is).
As it turned out Steve actually caught one very unfortunate perch that was weighed in but not heavy enough to go anywhere near winning a prize.
Having said all that Steve is very popular at the club and doing a great job as president.

Inverloch: There have been quite a few reports of perch being caught in fairly good numbers from the entrance to above Mahers Landing.
There was a report of one Wonthaggi angler bagging out on perch through the week.
Other reports of perch have been in areas around Stevies Gutter and up as far as the double islands where they are taking a variety of baits such as Bass yabbies, sand worms and a variety of soft plastic lures.
Many anglers believe that the colder months are often best months as far as perch are concerned.
There have been a few whiting being bagged inside the entrance that are taking baits such as Bass yabbies, sand worms and small strips of squid on both sides of the tides.
Shortly before this report a local fisherman decided to try his luck near the caravan park.
This turned out to be a good decision as he ended up bagging some very nice size perch that were caught on soft plastic lures.

Shallow Inlet: Not a great deal of activity from this part of the world according to Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park.
There was one particular local who decided to try his luck and managed a couple of salmon that were around the 750gm mark and taken on a lure.
No doubt there are plenty of the torpedo fish around but it seems that the huge schools have yet to make an appearance.
When they do the action will be fast and furious.
Along with the salmon there is usually plenty of very good size silvers that are only too keen to scoff down a variety of natural baits and lures.
There haven’t been any reports of but they could be beaten to the baits, which sounds reasonable.

Port Welshpool: As is the case in many other nearby places the cold conditions have kept many of the would be fishers away but there have been a few reports of whiting being caught in the Lewis Channel on baits such as Bass yabbies, squid and sand worms.
The jetties have been reasonable where there has been a mixture of fish such as garfish, flathead, mullet, squid and silvers being bagged on a variety of baits.
There have not been any reports from outside the entrance no doubt due to the conditions.

Lakes Entrance: All town jetties are still good spots for bream, trevally and mullet. Best baits are worm and prawn.
Lake Bunga and Eastern Beach are producing salmon on pilchard and poppers.
Six mile reef has plenty of pinkies, taking pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers: Around the islands and heading towards Camerons Arm and up to Nowa Nowa are best bests for bream and flathead. Bait of choice being prawn.
Try surf for salmon that are taking whitebait on the run in tide.

Mitchell River: The butter factory and highway bridge are still best spots for luderick, bream and flathead, biting on prawn and green plastics.

Nicholson River: Bream are out and about the river mouth, best bait being prawn.
Twin Rivers Classis is coming up on July 17.

Tambo River: Rough Road area and Swan Reach Bridge are producing bream on worm, shrimp, prawn and yabbies. The best bait seems to be worms.
Offshore around Ocean Grange has been good for snapper and around the beach gummies are being taken on squid and pilchards.

Metung: Early morning and evening are best for bream taking prawn at the river mouth and Tambo Bay. Town jetties and boardwalk are worth a try.

Hollands Landing: Clayton fishing club had a good weekend recently. Good numbers of bream were being caught around the mouth and the straits as well as Toms Creek. Best results were on shrimps and worms.

Marlo: The water has been receding through the week. The narrows on the turn of the tide seems to be best for salmon and tailor where the best results have been on lures.
The surf beach has also been good for salmon that are being taken on pilchards and poppers.

Bemm River: The entrance is open. Bream are in good numbers in the main channel taking worms and prawns.
The surf has been very good for salmon with the best baits being pilchards and poppers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE shortest day has been and gone but don’t get too excited as there is plenty of cooler winter weather to come.
The best part of it is we are past the darkest of the days and slowly they will get longer as we head for spring.
July generally doesn’t seem to change much and in fact we only gain about 20 minutes of daylight between now and the end of July but it’s after that into August that we start to see the days get longer and we can actually get some fishing in the daylight after work.
For those getting out with the torches and headlights calamari made up most of the reports this week with some good numbers caught from the jetty and the beaches.
There was some quality in size as well while not being huge they were consistent.
San Remo Jetty was best at night, some as late as the middle of the night into the early morning for both quality and quantity while odd ones caught during the day while the beaches at Woolamai and Ventnor better just into the evening and very quiet during the day.
The boats had better luck first thing in the mornings with the best spot in Cleeland Bight.
I had reports from other areas but not of the same quantity.
Many were caught on baited jigs and as for artificial jigs colour was a guess.
I even had one report from a boating customer fishing with his mate in Cleeland Bight, one using a white jig the other using a dark brown jig landing five each.
The best from the jetty was a baited jig on the slack tide and casting an artificial one on the moving tide.

Whiting reports are still coming in and the quality is excellent with half a dozen good enough for a couple of feeds for the family.
They aren’t jumping into the boat and don’t expect to go out and fall on top of them but if you are prepared to work around an area for a while, chances are very good of finding a few.
Try the usual shallow spots especially in the overcast conditions but if you don’t have much luck there after a while re-rig and head to the deeper water on the edge of the channels.
The successful customers are telling me at the moment they are only spending about 30 to 45 minutes in each spot and if nothing they are moving 200m or so.
Several customers have told me don’t be scared to increase your hook and bait sizes this time of the year with many fishing deeper using half a pilchard fillet and up to a 2/0 hook.

The snapper reports have slowed off a bit and the bigger gummies are hiding I think with only a couple reported but if you want undersized ones there isn’t a shortage with what seems like hundreds out there.
I have had the odd report of draughtboard sharks but nowhere as many as I would have expected for this time of the year, let’s hope it stays that way.
We haven’t had a lot of reports of cod either but what we have had is plenty of reports of good size ling.
Not that the weather has been all that good but if you wanted to take the family for a run in the boat check the forecast and head offshore as it is whale time of the year and several have been reported so far but don’t forget there are regulations as too how close you can get to them.
If you haven’t seen them in the water it is well worth the effort and while they are difficult to judge size watching them from the land, when you are on the water beside them they are huge.

Plenty of salmon reports from some very keen customers with the best reports coming on the worst days.
Not much around in the bigger variety but plenty of that size preferred by those who are keeping them to eat.
We only had a couple this week reported over the 1kg and almost all reports said 500g was the average.
Woolamai at both beaches the best and the cleanest of the beaches with a few reports from early in the week before the Powlett was opened.
Bluebait the best with poppers of most colours working.
I didn’t have as many lure fishermen reporting catches this week but I think that was more due to the windy days making it more difficult.

We now have some supply of salted pilchards for those who like using a bigger bait that won’t just fall off.
Just over a week till our 10th birthday sale and we are well into planning with the sale running for 10 days.