By King George

THE cold weather continues but there have been those hardy souls who have been prepared to brave the elements and some are having great success.
Through the week King George received news that Russell Fergusson hooked into and landed a very nice 8kg snapper off Corinella.
Naturally the great man has bragging rights for some time yet.
There was also news that Bert from Inverloch also hooked into a 7kg snapper.
Of course the fish are always around, just that there’s not as many fishers chasing them!

Inverloch: Not huge numbers of boaters and land-based anglers have been out and about.
Those land-based anglers who have been braving the elements outside the entrance have been rewarded with pleasing numbers of silvers that have been taking a variety of natural baits and lures.
The fish have been taken on both sides of the tide and mixed in with them has been a sprinkling of flathead, mullet and flathead.
Locals who know the area have been doing well on quality whiting and silvers where baits such as pipis and Bass yabbies have been doing the job.
Further out wide there are quality gummy sharks and flathead being bagged on the usual presentations.
Back inside the entrance there can be a fair wait between enquiries but Pensioners Corner has been worth a visit at low water.
This is where there has been a variety of fish that include mullet, silvers, flathead and the occasional reasonable size gummy.
Every so often there will be a whopper come along but there is a fair bit of water mixed in with them.
There has been virtually no interest shown in the jetty, which is understandable as the cold conditions keep all but the hardiest of fishers away.
Further up near The Bluff there have been some good returns for effort where silvers, salmon and a sprinkling of whiting have been taken on Bass yabbies, sand worms and whitebait.
Stevies Gutter has also been worth a look where the run out tide seems to be the best time to try your luck.
The idea is to get in close to the run off tide where the fish have to come in off the mud banks.
With any sort of luck you might come across some larger fish looking for an easy meal.
Mahers Landing has been reasonable where the run out water seems to be the best time to try to wet a line.
This is where gummies will often make an appearance.
Also mixed in with them are mullet, flathead, silvers, salmon and coutta.
For the benefit of those boaters who are not familiar with this area, the boat ramp is OK at high water but when the tide runs off it becomes very shallow with the very slight gradient.
Experienced boaters like to use the Inverloch side where there is a bit of deeper water.

Tarwin River: As is usually the case at this time of year, fish such as perch, bream and silvers come into their own.
This year has been no different with boaters and land-based anglers having a great time.
The land-based anglers have also been doing very well both from the bank and the fishing platforms.
The run out tide seems to be the best time to wet a line whether you are using natural baits or lures.

Surf: There are still plenty of anglers trying their luck.
Even though there might be a bit on the cold side, the results make the effort worthwhile.
Filly Asa Leausa is a mad keen land-based angler and loves to fish Baxters Beach.
He says the run in tide is the best time to wet a line when the fishing is usually worth the long 20 minutes trek through the sand dunes.
Recently he has been bagging salmon to the 2.5kg mark on whitebait and surf poppers.
Other land-based anglers have been doing fairly well off Williamsons beach up as far as Kilcunda.
The fishing, it would be fair to say hasn’t been red hot but on the other hand the results have been worthwhile.

Shallow Inlet: Information from this part of the world is that there is no news.
The cold conditions have kept most boats and land-based anglers away.
Prior to the cold snap there had been reports of quality salmon in pleasing numbers being caught on white bait and a variety of lures and no doubt this will continue.
Mixed in with the torpedo fish have been silvers, mullet and flathead.
The fish have been caught on both sides of the tides.

Lakes Entrance: The Post Office and Ferryman’s Jetties have plenty of mullet on worm and pilchard.
The surf and Lake Bunga beach is producing salmon on pilchards and poppers.
Off shore is a bit windy but still good for pinkies and nanagi.

Lake Tyers: Burnt Bridge, around the snags has produced some big flathead on prawn and plastics.
Cameron’s Arm is good for bream.
Try number 2 boat ramp, around the marker buoys and the Tavern for bream taking worm and tailor on lures.
The surf is good for salmon.

Mitchell River: Shadoof Lodge and down to Eagle Point for bream, best results on spider crab, prawn, soft plastics and vibes.

Mitchell River: Bream are out and about from Punt House Point, Rough Road and up to the power lines.

Nicholson: From the swimming hole and down to Thumb Point are best for bream, bait of choice being prawn.

Metung: The boardwalk and down to Shaving Point and Bancroft Bay for bream, tailor and trevally. Best bait is blue bait, pilchard, local prawn and pipis.
Plenty of tailor are about.

Paynesville: Newlands Arm, the straits and town jetties have mullet taking worm.
Ocean Grange for salmon and gummies on squid and pilchards.

Hollands Landing: At the mouth of Toms Creek, Blonde Bay and Holland’s Landing for bream taking shrimp and worm.

Marlo: Plenty of water is still coming down the system.
Try French’s Narrows, the backwater and the slips for bream on prawn and plastics.
The surf has salmon and tailor taking pilchards and poppers.

Bemm River: The entrance is open with plenty of water entering the system.
The middle of the lake is the best spot for bream taking worm.
The channel is also worth a try.
The surf has salmon on pilchards.

Tamboon: Pelican Point, camp site, Tamboon South and into Shallow Lagoon for bream and flathead taking prawn and plastics.
The surf has salmon and tailor on pilchard and poppers.

Mallacoota: Top and bottom lakes for bream on prawn and yabbies.
The fisheries jetty has luderick and trevally taking weed and pilchards.
The Betka River has bream.
Try Davies Creek for salmon on pilchard.

Omeo High Country: It is close to the end of the trout season but there is still fish on the go in the rivers. Best results using metal lures or bronze wobblers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Ian from Cowes took his grandson, who is visiting from Mackay out fishing last Sunday and it was well worth it with Sam landing a 75cm snapper.

Ian from Cowes took his grandson, who is visiting from Mackay out fishing last Sunday and it was well worth it with Sam landing a 75cm snapper.

It might be winter but doesn’t mean there are no fish around just means they are a bit harder to find and there will be more of the rubbish fish.
Several draughtboard sharks have been reported recently but also several good size snapper and quality whiting.
Calamari reports were a bit hot and cold this week and salmon fishing was difficult with the weather conditions.
This time of the year it is all about being ready to go fishing when the weather window allows.
You won’t necessarily be able to get a whole day out fishing, especially in the boats and from the land you will need more layers but winter always produces some perfect half days, you just need to be ready and go.
The whiting being caught at the moment are still excellent in quality and several customers reported fish up to 45cm and so thick they were able to split the fillets getting four meal size fillets out of each fish.
Not a lot of pattern as to the best time to fish because people are fishing when the weather comes good and not always being able to fish their favourite tides.
Baits are showing a bit of a pattern with those using a cocktail of baits, squid and pipis or pilchard fillet and pipis doing better.
Customers are telling us that they are fishing deeper at times and finding the pipis are not lasting long in the stronger current and in the shallows the pickers are getting the pipis off too easily.
The best reports this week came from around Corinella which might have had more to do with the wind direction but still a couple good reports also from Cleeland Bight and Dickies Bay.
With favourable conditions forecast Ian from Cowes took advantage and took his grandson Sam out fishing on The Corals last Sunday.
Sam is visiting from MacKay and while he needed an extra few layers of clothes he had no trouble landing this 75cm winter red.
There have been several snapper reported again over the last week and with the forecast light winds and fine day Sunday morning several customers headed out for a look.
While nothing too big was reported a couple of customers told me they sounded up a good school but nothing they did got the fish interested and another customer managed a couple around 2kg but the wind got up earlier than expected and shortened their opportunity.
Good numbers of salmon off the beaches when the swell dropped off a bit, mostly from the island beaches but if you are going to Kilcunda expect plenty of weed.
Those who fished Kilcunda told me it was tough going and while they went through plenty of bait they caught very few salmon so they were unsure if it was just being knocked off in the weed.
It was almost impossible to use lures at Kilcunda and with the wind at times even those on the island struggled so most reports came from boats this week.
I had a few reports from the other island beaches, Smiths, Sunderland Bay and Surf Beach.
Calamari were reported from the usual spots this week but I think the cold weather is slowing down the number of people fishing, with the evenings being the best time and also the coldest time of the day.
Baited jigs were the best but there must be a lot of leatherjackets or something around because customers are telling me that their baits are being eaten without anything hooking up.
They have now started dredging around the jetty at San Remo so you might find the calamari will go a bit quiet during the day and baited jigs will be the best to use with the mud stirred up making the water reasonably dirty at times.

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Meeting for Mahers Landing

IF you enjoy boating in Anderson Inlet, Bass Coast Shire Council wants to talk to you!
Council is asking the boating community what the user needs are for the Mahers Landing Boating Facility.
When boat launching and retrieval reaches its peak, the Inverloch Boat Ramp can become too congested.
It also faces some issues with wind and wave action which also makes launching and retrieval difficult.
Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Jordan Crugnale, said this can mean that boaters look for alternatives, and with Mahers Landing only six kilometres away, it becomes a logical choice.
“Council would like to engage people to help us decide on the appropriate development option for Mahers Landing to facilitate a more user friendly facility,” Cr Crugnale said.
“We are holding a community workshop in Inverloch so that we can get your input.
“We hope to see as many of the interested community as possible, and look forward to working together to guide this important infrastructure development.”
The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 6 from 5pm to 7pm at the Inverloch Community Hub.
For more information, contact council’s Natural Resources Officer, David Martin on, call 5671 2774 or 1300 226 278.