Wally Leijen travelled to Port Fairy and had a successful expedition, catching tuna.

Wally Leijen travelled to Port Fairy and had a successful expedition, catching tuna.

THE cold conditions have had a slowing down as far as the fish have concerned.
There have however been some positive reports which has been the good news but it only follows that this is the time of year is not renowned for its best fishing.
However, there have been quite a few locals trying their luck over at Port Fairy.
One Wonthaggi angler, Ian Kent and crew, decided to try his luck in the deep water with high hopes.
Ian explained that they were confident of landing some of the big runaways as they had all the right gear and were looking forward to success.
Funny how high hopes can turn into deep disappointment when nothing happens for days on end but that’s exactly what did happen to the hapless fisherman.
When he eventually returned home, his lovely wife Jan had to go out and buy fish and chips for dinner!
At the other end of the scale, Wonthaggi legend Wally Leijen also headed out into the deep water some 40km off shore.
He was soon into the torpedo fish in around 60 metres of water and quickly had his bag limit.
Wally was very happy and someone said that he even shouted the bar once back upon his return but this has not yet been confirmed.

Surf: Through the week King George received a call from a visiting party who were planning a trip to the area.
They were looking for information as far as the surf fishing situation was concerned.
The information at the time was that the beaches at Kilcunda, Williamsons and Baxters beaches were going along fairly well.
They were told that Baxters beach was the deepest but there was something like a 20 minute trek through the sand dunes but had probably been the best of the surf beaches at the time of this report.
This is where the salmon have been to the 1.5kg mark with whitebait and surf poppers being probably the best of the presentations.
There have also been fairly good bags of salmon being caught mainly on the run in water but be careful as the area can be very dangerous with many rips that can pose a hazard, especially with anglers wearing waders.

Inverloch: Mahers Landing has been popular with boaters and land-based anglers who have been landing a fair variety of fish such as silvers, mullet, coutta and flathead that are making the effort worthwhile.
There has also been the occasional gummy shark being caught on the run in tide and results are even better if the time coincides with darkness as the fish will move in closer under the cover of darkness.
The area near the A frame house has been a popular spot as far as boaters has been concerned where there have been whiting, silvers, flathead and gummy sharks being caught in reasonable numbers.
Inside and just outside Stevies Gutter has been worth a try where perch, whiting and flathead are in fairly good numbers.
Land-based anglers will often try their luck after a fair walk from Lees Road.
Having done that there have been silvers, flathead and perch being caught on a variety of both being Bass yabbies, pipis and sand worms being the best of the baits.
There haven’t been any reports from the jetty, which is to be expected, as there has been very few diehards willing to brave the elements.
The same situation applies to the Snags area, which is on the other side of the boat ramp.
There have been some late reports to King George of land-based anglers bagging very good size silvers being that have been to the1kg mark which makes them worth going after.

Shallow Inlet: There have been quite a few reports coming to King George as far as the salmon have been concerned.
Boaters have been braving the elements and being rewarded with good number of salmon being to the 1kg mark.
It seems that they are being caught mainly on lures on the run in tide.
There has been a sprinkling of silver trevally that are taking a variety of baits but no sign of whiting.
If the current trend continues the salmon size will continue to increase up to the 4kg mark and although not all that great on the table they make very good bait for the larger fish such as sharks with their high blood content.

Lake Tyers: Plenty of salmon on the surf beach, best bait being pilchards and blue poppers.
The Post Office and Town Jetties for luderick and mullet, favouring worm and local weed.
Offshore try the reefs for pinkies, nanagi and morwong on pilchard and squid.

Mitchell River: Camerons Arm areas have bream taking prawn.
Flathead are about in the shallows mid- afternoon, best results using bright green lures.
Crystal Bay is worth a try mid- afternoon.
The surf for salmon on pilchard.

Tambo River: From the Swan Reach Bridge and up to the cliffs for bream, using prawn and worm. Some flathead are cruising about, try soft lures and floating prawn.

Nicholson: Glengarry Angling Club had a competition on the weekend with the best results coming from the Tyres, Car Bodies and up to the Strait Six. Bait of choice being prawn.

Metung: From Chinamen’s Creek, the Boardwalk and up to the Hotel Jetty for luderick and bream. Best Bait will be worm and prawn.
Give Shaving Point to the Lake King Jetty in the shallows for flathead on soft plastics.
From Shadoof Lodge down to the river mouth for Bream from 33-40cm using spider crab and prawn.
The Highway Bridge and backwaters for perch around the 35-38cm, best bait is green plastic wrigglers.

Paynesville: The Straits are still the best spots for mullet. Also try the town jetties using worm.
Some nice salmon are at Ocean Grange, with best results coming from using pilchard and poppers.

Hollands Landing: The best spots for bream are Tom’s Creek, Hollands Landing, the Woodpile and Perry River. Some mullet are also about taking worm.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.