So another Special Charge Scheme bites the dust leaving us ratepayers to foot the shire’s bill.
It leads me to believe that the Bass Coast Shire infrastructure road works group are pushing these schemes by manipulation of the original wording of the legislative act in the need for such road and drainage schemes in an attempt to create jobs for themselves, at the expense of us local residents.
I’m concerned that our street will be the next one on their hit list!
I, like many others, cannot afford to pay up to $20,000 or more on road and drainage works outside our properties!
And I have learnt from the Cape Paterson fiasco that under such schemes, effected residents have no ability in requesting the project scheme be put out to tender for other competitive quotes, leaving the residents no choice but to accept the council’s calculated charges that have been forced upon them.
What’s more, an initial feasibility study and thorough consultation with the public should have been conducted before surging ahead with detailed plans and preliminary works costing us ratepayers nearly half a million dollars for two proposed schemes alone!
Preliminary plans only, with a proper feasibility study, is all that should have been required in the initial planning applications, and not going any further without thorough consultation with the community effected, and not before the final planning approval.
How that money could have been put to better use! What an absolute waste!
Tim Wilson, Wonthaggi