I am writing to have Bass Coast Shire Council confirm or deny that the Wonthaggi Cinema will cease to exist in its current form at the end of October.
We have been so lucky to have this wonderful facility.
I have been watching films here for over 30 years.
Since moving to Inverloch permanently three years ago, I have been spoilt, viewing films before they are even screened in Melbourne.
The general public is able to join the Bass Coast Fine Film group to view fantastic films at their film festivals for a very nominal price. I was intending to join this group next year.
It is inconvenient when productions are scheduled and movies are put on hold for a few days or weeks, but how wonderful to be able to attend these wonderful musicals, plays and stage shows so close to home.
I thought from what I have read in the local paper, The Sentinel-Times, that Bass Coast was very supportive of the arts in our shire.
I have been boasting about the range of activities we have at our fingertips, including our cinema, in Inverloch and our wider area to visitors and holiday-makers. It’s one of the reasons we moved to Inverloch.
Apparently, Keith Stevens, the manager of the cinema for the past 17 years, has decided that it’s too difficult for him to continue.
I know the digital projection equipment belongs to Keith and it has been his contacts that have led to the screening of such a diverse and wonderful range of films.
I would have thought that would be treasured.
It seems that the shire is not acting in the interests of its residents on many levels at the moment, but that’s another story.
Margaret Pope, Inverloch