Yet again our Bass Coast councillors have spectacularly demonstrated why they are deemed to be the worst in Victoria.
Having learned not a single thing from their earlier ‘Special Charge’ debacle at Cape Paterson, (where they wasted more than a quarter million dollars of our money) they’ve now blown away another quarter million dollars of our money with their failed attempt to foist an unpopular, unwanted, and unaffordable Special Charge scheme onto the residents and ratepayers of Sunset Strip.
Time and time again this council has clearly shown that is has a culture of little regard for ratepayer monies.
And alarmingly, our hapless councillors are planning to sign off on a 10 year waste services contract that will undoubtedly end up costing us well over $80m.
Given the farcical process leading up to their proposed closure of the Inverloch transfer station, how can our community have any confidence that this contract won’t just end up being another calamitous waste of our money?
Surely something must be done. Surely something must change.
Council elections will be held in October, and I’m sure that for many frustrated ratepayers and concerned citizens, the election cannot come soon enough.
It’s an opportunity to see if we can elect councillors who are more skilled and more capable than most of the existing bunch.
It is my sincere hope that we will see alternative candidates step forward to offer themselves for service.
Candidates suitable to lead and direct the CEO and executive, whilst at all times having the will of the community at front of mind.
However, by itself, the election offers us no certainty that the successful candidates will prove any less amateurish or any less fiscally ill-disciplined than the current lot.
But perhaps there is something more that can be done.
Later this month I’ll be hosting a public meeting that will outline various issues that are causing widespread concern among our community.
Issues such as the special charge schemes, excessive rate increases, lack of community consultation, over the top executive salaries, reduced transparency, increased secrecy, etc.
If any of these matters cause you concern or frustration then I invite and welcome you to attend the public meeting.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, July 30, at 2pm at the Kirrak Room at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, 75 Graham Street, Wonthaggi.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Kevin Griffin, Wonthaggi