AN INNOCENT discussion regarding a 62 page document written by the Mayor of Bass Coast Jordan Crugnale turned sour when Cr Phil Wright used the presentation of his alternate motion as a vehicle to express his discontent for the Mayor’s lack of decisive action.
The document presented to the council was a report written as a reflection of the priorities, actions, and outcomes identified by key stakeholders in health, education, environment, tourism, sports, industry, energy, agriculture, private and community sectors from the Bass Coast region.
“If this document that the Mayor has put together were genuine, it would have more action,” Cr Wright said.
“Because that’s what a council does; we do things. Not just talk.”
Cr Wright’s alternate motion added to the report more specific, action-based plans and a strong focus on environmental issues within the shire.
In an impassioned attempted to sway his fellow councillors to vote for his alternate motion, which encouraged the development of master action plans, Cr Phil Wright took a swipe at Cr Crugnale, claiming her motion was all talk and no action.
“We have got to stop making excuses and start making decisions,” Cr Wright said.
“I ask all councillors to try to make the strongest decision and show the community that we know how to lead.”
The motion was presented to Council at the Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday July 20, which included a recommendation to invite the Minister for Planning The Hon Richard Wynne to a community roundtable to discuss the impact of building heights on sensitive coastal locations within Bass Coast and opportunities to facilitate policy development that achieves maximum height control in appropriate coastal locations.
Building heights and planning regulations are issues that have been raised within council meetings in the past, both by concerned residents and councillors themselves.
In voting against Cr Wright’s proposed amendment, Cr Crugnale said that while she prioritises the importance of preserving the natural environment of the shire, there are other issues within the community that are also deserving of time and funding.
“I feel there are more pressing issues, such as health and education, issues of teen pregnancy and family violence, which we could work on addressing,” Cr Crugnale said.
“While we all agree that the environment is indeed important to the Bass Coast, there are issues such as health, education, and tourism that are also equally important,” Cr Brad Drew said in support of the Mayor.
“I think that the thought process in this alternate motion is good. But the 62 page document already submitted is sufficient.”
The original motion was passed by the council.