The South Gippsland Shire Council elections are around the corner and I hope there are responsible candidates to successfully challenge existing councillors, in particular those commonly referred to as the “Voting Bloc.” We all know who they are.
I still find it painful to observe this “Voting Bloc” and what I consider obstructive behaviour, noticeable dislike of the three not part of this “Bloc” and irreconcilable disagreements on important subjects such as the proposed $32 million expenditure on a precinct nobody I have spoken to wants or is interested in.
I do not believe for one minute that this magnitude of spending is consistent with community expectations.
In particular the assertion by one councillor at a council meeting that “if you ask the person in the street what they think, they would say this is a good thing”, or words to that effect.
You see, I am that person in the street and nobody has asked me and if anyone would, my answer would me an emphatic ‘no’.
In particular when in my experience spending on a project such as this can easily blow out to $50 million or more.
Accordingly, I urge all voters not to vote for any person considered to be part of the “Voting Bloc” or anyone who will preference any such person.
Time for a change and to vote for people who are willing to work on better provenance, management and who are willing to reduce the bloating bureaucracy and unnecessary expenditure such as the ‘Propaganda Unit’ and at the latest count, 24 fat cats. Enough is enough!
To date I have failed in my attempts to obtain information related to the employee establishment, motor vehicle leases, basic financial general ledger details related to the 2016-17 budget, the disastrous defined benefits superannuation fund $5.5 million penalty, profit and loss details related to the Coal Creek and Caravan Park operations which I suspect are more than disastrous, and others.
Despite repeated requests made in person at council meetings and also made by email as part of the council’s obligations, I have only seen obstructions, blunt refusals or no response at all.
I find that extraordinary, in particular since the assurance of the mayor, expressed emphatically a number of times at the May 2016 council meeting that this council is transparent and open.
I also have reminded councillors, in writing, of the fact that this council is a public entity fully funded by rates and taxes.
Again, Council: why don’t you provide the information requested and why the obsessive secrecy?
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay