MAKING a commitment to purchase or build a new house is one of the largest financial decisions of your life.
When the time comes to choose the location and design of your future home, it is natural to find it a daunting task.
Local Hotondo Homes’ builder Trent Allen advises new home buyers to take the time to research different builders, land offerings, and consider these key factors when choosing your house and land.

Location: Before anything, decide on a location that is going to best suit your lifestyle.
Think about what kind of public transport the area offers, distance to family and friends, the travel to work and whether there are schools and shops nearby.
If you already have a home in mind, you need to ensure you purchase a block that will fit the home on it.
The slope of the land is also a primary factor.
Generally the steeper the block, the more it will cost to build as it will need to be excavated.
Be sure to also check the orientation – your main living areas should be facing north to catch the sun and help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Your lifestyle will influence the design of your home.
If you’re an avid movie fan, you might consider a home theatre, or if you love entertaining consider an alfresco.
If you already have a family, or plan for kids in the future, the age and number of children will also affect how many bedrooms and how much space you will need.
With lot sizes decreasing, building up can be a great way to get extra space in your home as well as in your backyard.
However, single storey homes are more age-friendly and energy costs can be significantly cheaper.
Do you prefer your main bedroom at the front or the back of the home?
Where is the best location for the laundry?
Do you want an alfresco?
These are all questions you need to consider before you start looking at homes.
Compare designs, prices and even check out display homes to get a feel for the kind of home you want.

Help is available
To help new home buyers with these decisions, Hotondo Homes has released the brand new Home Navigator and Home Planner tools.
The Home Navigator consists of a short quiz that will take you through some easy questions to define your family’s DNA, personality and lifestyle.
It will then present you with at least six designs that cater to these needs.
It is the perfect way to find a design that you will not only love, but will suit you and your family’s needs.
Once you have found the design you love, the Home Planner tool gives you the freedom to take the design and turn it into your ideal home.
You can add an alfresco, extend a living area or create your dream wardrobe.
Once you finish, you can send it directly to your local Hotondo Home builder.
The Home Navigator can be found at
Alternatively, you can visit your local Hotondo Homes builder and talk with Trent Allen and the team at Shop 2 Ramsey Boulevard, Inverloch.