So, one ponders the question of who could be an ideal candidate to take on the role of Bass Coast councillor for a four year term?
The person should, ideally, have a strong focus on good governance.
Additionally, there is significant scope for improvement in council’s engagement in key areas such as Performance, Financial Transparency, Accountability, Money Management and related Wastage, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Communication.
Further, each newly elected (or re-elected) councillor must be able to contribute to establishing advantages for the Bass Coast Shire.
Based on the above criteria each councillor should be capable of:
• operating as part of an effective team;
• vigorously debating and challenging management in a constructive manner;
• an outstanding performance and exhibiting impeccable, balanced values,
• contributing strongly to risk management, strategy and policy;
• providing a mix of skills and experience required for the formulation of the Council Plan, Mission Statement, Vision and Values, which are key Policy settings.
• devoting time to studying the Local Government Act, underpinning Acts and Codes of Conduct
• providing important and significant input at council meetings and consultative community forums using their experience and skill sets.
The skills and experience should be related, specifically, to:
• Strategic awareness, planning, networking
• Governance and management frameworks
• Planning and other regulatory functions
• Asset and financial management
• Community and other stakeholder consultation
• Workforce relations
• Business or facility management.
Do the prospective councillors have these attributes?
Robert Scott, Inverloch.