xbasscoastbinsRATEPAYERS of the Bass Coast Shire will pay $51 more to have their kerbside rubbish collected but the cruncher is they’ll only get their normal waste bin collected every fortnight.

Yes, that’s only week about instead of weekly.

And if you’re a mum with a new baby… good luck with that!

It’s all part of the arrangements secretly agreed to by the council under its new $66 million garbage contract, let behind closed doors at Wednesday night’s council meeting.

The community’s elected representatives on the council, who will face the people in less than three months’ time did not utter a word, not a word all council meeting about the impending decision.

Did one of our council reps get up at the meeting and say: “Later on tonight, we will be considering the letting of a new waste contract for the shire, ahead of the schedule previously announced, and we will have more details for you tomorrow if the tender is approved?”

No, they simply went into closed session to deal with “confidential contractual matters” at the end of their monthly meeting.

They awarded contracts for the shire’s Waste Collection Service and Waste Facility Management and Operation Services with the current service provider and local Bass Coast business, Wonthaggi Recyclers Pty Ltd, awarded the contract for waste services (kerbside collection, litter bins and hard waste collection) and operations of Council’s transfer stations at Wonthaggi and Inverloch.

Ace Environmental Pty Ltd was awarded the contact for the operations of Council’s Grantville landfill and transfer station. This too is an extension for the current service provider. Both contracts have a combined value of approximately $6.6 million per year for a 10 year period.

At the commencement of the new contract, the shire will introduce two new services, the first being a resale shop at the Wonthaggi transfer station, and the second, being the introduction of a three-bin service.

Three-bin system will be made up of a 240 litre weekly kitchen food and garden organics collection (including kitchen caddy); a 240 litre fortnightly recycling collection; and a 120 litre fortnightly residual waste (garbage) collection.

More details in next week’s Sentinel-Times