AFTER two weeks of wild and woolly weather, Wonthaggi Police are urging motorists to slow down and drive sensibly when out on South Gippsland’s roads.
Sergeant Allan Piening from Bass Coast Highway Patrol emphasised the importance of driving to the conditions during rough weather.
“We need people to slow down, especially when it’s wet,” Sgt Piening said.
“If it is wet, slow down. If visibility is reduced, turn your headlights on, and not just your parking lights.
“It’s important to be seen by other road users, and not just use the lights to see where you’re going.
“Keeping a safe following distance between cars is also important, and if you are planning on turning off the road, indicate early and clearly to let other road users know of your intentions.”
Winter is also a good time to do a general maintenance check of your vehicle, and to make sure that all tail lights, headlights, and tyres are in working order.
Making sure that there is water in your car’s washer is also important for visibility.
“De-fog your windows before you set off driving, and not before,” Sgt Piening said.
“Ultimately, we can put this information out to the public, but it is up to drivers to ensure that they are staying safe and being responsible on the roads.”