I am sure Bass Coast Shire councillors have a death wish about their future as so called representatives of their communities.
The CEO was absent, prior engagement as the excuse, and the Mayor took the Friday evening’s meeting.
She had two capable council officers to try and help field questions from the 50 or so concerned residents over the burning issue of the closure of the Inverloch Transfer Station.
The meeting started at 4pm and was scheduled to finish at 6pm.
But the mayor lost control and either did not know the answers or just got tired of constant criticism but she closed the meeting at 5.10pm in the midst of a series of questions from Mr Kevin Griffin, who has been deeply involved in researching this vexed issue.
Everyone was telling her they were against shutting the facility, particularly when it was evident the real reason was the green waste and mulch issues and not the transfer part of the facility, which is what it is all about.
The people of Inverloch living outside the main part of the town need the facility to dispose of their household garbage and recyclables locally and not having to drive through the main streets of Wonthaggi to get to the Cameron Street tip.
What a joke.
These representatives of the people, including the Mayor, will not listen to reason or the will of the vast majority of the people, because we all know that if a vital asset is taken away it will never be replaced.
When will she wake up?
Only at the October election when she and her lot are voted out?
This is why Bass Coast was nominated as the worst council in Victoria following a State Government survey.
Ross Smith, Inverloch.