MAYBE we just don’t care anymore!
But the amount of rubbish that’s mounting up along roadsides and in road reserves appears to be on the increase.
But beware, if you’re caught littering, the general penalty for dumping rubbish is 40 penalty units or approximately $6,000).
Aggravated littering (crockery, glass, offensive materials, medical waste etc) attracts a maximum penalty of 100 penalty units or approximately $15,200 and the shire is prepared to act on information it receives.
South Gippsland’s Manager Regulatory Services, Matthew Patterson, says the “saving money” argument doesn’t stand up.
“It is actually far cheaper to take your rubbish to the tip. We usually prosecute these types of offenders because this behaviour cannot be excused,” he said of the rubbish dropped at Jumbunna last week.
“Cleaning up dumped rubbish is a substantial cost to ratepayers. People unload a trailer load of rubbish in a few minutes but we have to send a truck, two staff members and sometimes earth moving equipment to remove the items.
“Litter is an eyesore for residents and visitors to our municipality.
“The following items can be disposed of at our transfer stations free of charge: Glass bottles and jars (no sheets/broken glass), paper and cardboard, plastic containers (codes 1, 2 and 3), and all metals including corrugated iron, wire and white goods.
“You can also take car batteries, metal caravans, car bodies and motor oil for disposal, free of charge, at the tip.”
In the meantime, everyone is asked to take a bit of pride in their area and to take their rubbish home with them.