I attended the so-called community information session on the closure of the Inverloch tip last Friday and what a farce this turned out to be.
The briefing officer was continuously asked questions of fact from the large group of disgusted citizens, exceeding 100 angry residents and ratepayers.
In most cases he was unable to answer them but said he would get back to the questioners.
To date he has not responded.
So, near the end of a very heated meeting one of the audience put a motion saying the whole matter should be shelved and stood over until after the October local government elections, when new councillors would be elected.
Although it was not an acceptable motion, it was almost unanimously carried by a show of hands with one dissenter.
What a display of no confidence in this council, which was recently nominated the worst council in Victoria, according to the State Government’s Community Satisfaction Survey.
I think the Premier should sack this incompetent pack of fools and appoint an administrator.
As the manager of one of Inverloch’s most successful op shops, told the large meeting, people are already dumping large quantities of rotting garbage outside her shop and to expect volunteers to take this muck to the Wonthaggi tip, supposedly 10 to 15 minutes away, is utterly outrageous. She said it was bad enough having to take it to Inverloch.
And if council is trying to disrupt viable businesses, they should be suggesting alternate means of rubbish collection for cases such as these, she said.
Obviously BCSC has not thought of all the ramifications when they just decided in a cavalier manner, it would be a good idea to shut the Inverloch tip.
Let me remind Inverloch citizens that there is another so-called information session this Friday evening at the hub at 4pm and I remind them they should attend to add their voices to trying to stop this unwarranted move by BCSC.
Ross Smith, Inverloch