rubbishtruck2The Sentinel-Times Facebook page has gone into meltdown over the Bass Coast Shire Council’s plan to introduce a 3-bin waste collection system in the shire as part of the $66 million contract let by council on Wednesday this week.

Features of the contract include:

  • It will cost you $51 more
  • You will get a new organics/green waste bin to be collected weekly
  • Recycle bins and general waste bins collected fortnightly.

Here are the ‘top 10’ responses overnight on Facebook:

  1. Heather Poletti: I guess we will have to start digging our own holes to get rid of our rubbish! Bureaucracy gone mad again.
  2. Brya Geiberras: This is madness! How is a family of 5 (with 2 in nappies) supposed to last 2 weeks with a 120lt bin?
  3. Chantelle Cridge: Stupid I already have other ppl putting their rubbish into my bin at night and watch them borrow bins from empty houses
  4. Christopher Harris: This will work well, now we can watch holiday house bins for 2 weeks instead of 1, and enjoy as the wind blows them over, or just wheel them back in like most locals do!
  5. Raquel Gardener: Perhaps it will be an incentive for people to become more conscious of how much packaging they are using and wasting when grocery shopping. Think it’s a good idea 🙂
  6. Belinda Lee: Filthy nappies will be disgusting left two weeks. This is a disgrace and I hope it doesn’t go ahead.
  7. Russell Shepherd: The shire needs a big shake-up, get rid of the lot and start again. Far too top heavy and very little done to help the locals.
  8. Danielle Fowles: That’s ridiculous, especially for families. Most people have more general rubbish than organic waste. Bins are going to be very smelly after two weeks.
  9. Sioban Fitzgerald: I think the idea is good but it shouldn’t cost us more.
  10. Tammy Logan: I’m really disappointed to hear how many people just want bigger bins rather than thinking of ways to reduce their rubbish. It’s easy to do and people are generating way more rubbish they need to because they aren’t thinking about what they are consuming.

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