I don’t often come out of the woodwork to comment on the worst council in Victoria, according to the State Government’s annual Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey.
And while I realize that enough has already been written on this aspect of Bass Coast Shire Council, I would still like to vent my feelings on its decision to close the Inverloch tip.
With only two month’s notice to the local community of this momentous decision, it is another example of the worst council in Victoria going completely mad.
There are many ratepayers, who do not receive a weekly garbage collection from BCSC because of distance issues, and who rely on the Inverloch tip to deposit their rubbish for $3 for a medium size garbage bin and, if like me, they also take their recyclables there as well.
I was told of the closure of the tip some years ago by one of the influential developers of the land adjacent to the tip.
My response was “over my dead body while I am still a Bass Coast Shire councillor”.
So the developers have now had their way and yet another vital service has been scuttled by this incompetent and out of control council.
And what about the people living in Cameron Avenue, Wonthaggi, who will now continually have more people going to Wonthaggi tip from Inverloch?
Some of them inadvertently will drop rubbish on their way as they now have to go somewhere to dispose of their weekly rubbish.
Shame on you Bass Coast councillors.
And while I am at it, I must raise the issue of the care of the Wonthaggi Town Hall by the present administration.
I attended the concert performed by the Bass Coast Chorale on Sunday, June 19 before a packed house.
A spokesman for the chorale, after a most enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment, pointed out they had found the hall in a disgraceful state and members of the chorale had had to set to and clean it up.
Unfortunately this was not an isolated case, they have to clean it up every time they used the facility.
Finally, on the subject of council rates; I have been paying them since 2002 and felt they had increased considerably.
So I checked with the council rates officer.
He calculated that my rates had risen by 144 per cent but only since 2004 as earlier records had to be retrieved from archives.
But I feel a rise of 144 per cent is exorbitant.
I am adding my voice to the ever-growing chorus of protesters who will have their say about this council when the Local Government elections come round in October.
Ross Smith, Inverloch