Last Wednesday I caught the 3pm bus service to Wonthaggi from Southern Cross.
After the usual change at Koo Wee Rup we joined the Cowes service.
The driver informed us there would be no shuttle service at Anderson for Wonthaggi/Inverloch.
We would be collected by taxi for the trip.
At 5.10pm a handful of us were left at Anderson (no taxi in sight and the Cowes bus departed).
Fortunately we were a group (imagine being left there alone).
We chatted to each other rubbishing the poor relation status of Wonthaggi in the VLine scheme of things.
A taxi van thing turned up, one of our group dragged the side (heavy) door open and we embarked – HA!
I had a suitcase which two teenage girls helped me drag up the three steep steps, a young couple with a three year old had a pusher and a large car seat so everyone (except the driver) helped them into the van.
The taxi bounced us into the Biggs Drive terminus.
I asked the driver to please order me a taxi to take me to my home. He did. The time was about 5.35pm.
I waited and waited and waited – no taxi.
I phoned the contact number (apparently in Melbourne) and (after explaining ‘No, my name wasn’t Biggs and I wasn’t at The Plaza) said I was waiting at the VLine terminus.
Twenty minutes later I phoned again and was told a taxi would be there shortly.
Pitch dark by now and three hours plus since we left Southern Cross.
Then I noticed a friend’s car drive into The Plaza so I phoned her and she said she would collect me in a couple of minutes.
Being a thoughtful person I phoned the Taxi ‘service’ to cancel the call – different person, no idea what I was talking about at first!
Arrived home about 6.25pm (thank you dear friend), moaning to my son when my mobile beeped for a text – South Coast Taxis to say my taxi was on its way! I did phone and said I had cancelled same!
QANTAS transported me from Brisbane to Melbourne in just over two hours, and it took three and a half to get to my home with VLine and the taxi service.
Later I contemplated my wait in the cold and dark at the Wonthaggi terminus, standing in the ‘shelter’ and then thought, ‘Thank goodness it wasn’t raining or I would have been soaked’.
So dear Wonthaggi people, treat this as a cautionary tale before you embark on a VLine service.
Yvonne J. McRae, Wonthaggi.