Last month when I came home from a day out, I came home to find a card from the ranger on my door.
A reliable source told me he knew the ranger had been as he heard the performance of my dog protecting my property (in my yard).
The next day the ranger returned and told me that he had received a complaint from my “friendly” neighbour about my dog.
It obviously was too difficult for them to be able to find my name in the phone book.
My dog met the vehicle as he drove in and the ranger then tells me that my dog is unregistered and has no tag.
I told him that she was registered, which he found to be the truth after checking via a phone call.
He then told me I had to collect a new tag at the shire office.
A week later I received a fine from the By-Laws office and a fine for $228, which I went in and paid and picked up a new tag.
So imagine my surprise and shock when putting the new tag on, that she already has one!
So tell me please, whose dog did I just pay a fine for?
Jim Eigenraam, Korumburra