By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

DESPITE there being a bit of wind and cloud around early over the weekend by mid mornings the cloud had disappeared and the sun came out.
With the wind still moderate there weren’t a lot of boats out, but those who did venture out know where to fish in the conditions.
There were plenty trying their luck, land based taking advantage of the sunshine with fishing OK while nothing special.
With the week we have had with the weather as you would expect there was a bit of weed around on the beaches and the water is a darker shade of mud in the bay.
It has been cleaning up quickly when the weather settles but with all the water still running down out of the hills I wouldn’t expect the bay to become crystal clear.
That’s not to say there won’t be any fish around, it just means you will need to change up the way and where you fish.
Look for current edges; fish areas that will naturally clean up as the tide floods, and on the beaches be prepared to walk the beach to find an area with less weed, generally just out of the gutters or even over the shallow water.
For salmon, lures are usually the best way to go when fishing shallow; just remember a lighter lure or a faster retrieve when over rocks.
Most customers were out chasing bait this week and there is plenty of baitfish to be caught with a bit of effort.
Reports this week come from those chasing baits including of calamari, salmon, mullet and couta.
No one was catching dozens of each species but with a day on the water targeting bait and a few moves during the tide changes it is possible to stock the freezer.
One problem I see all too often is people do the right thing; they head out to do a day’s bait fishing, then bring it home and it gets put straight into the freezer out of bags or just in a plastic bag.
Then when you go to use it in a month or so you would think it was five years old.
For only a few dollars you can purchase a vacuum sealer and bags, then your bait can sit in the freezer for 12 months or so and it will be as fresh as the day you put it there.

All the calamari we saw this week was on the small side and not the biggest hoods for eating but perfect for your bigger gummy or snapper baits.
It was the same for boat or land; baited or artificial jigs.
Land wise it was the usual San Remo Jetty, the beach at Woolamai or Ventnor producing the most but a couple of reports came back from Newhaven and Cowes jetties.
The boats were a toss-up between Reef Island and Cleeland Bight with no real difference to which was best and it was more about the direction of the wind as to where you could fish.
Everyone that gave us reports all said the same thing: a reasonable amount of effort was needed to get a few.
A few whiting were reported this week but not many at all, probably had a bit to do with very few people actually fishing for them.
Again I had a report from a customer that was fishing in Dickies Bay hooking what he originally thought was a ray only to find out it was a reasonable gummy that was lost at the boat.
If you are fishing in the shallows anywhere in the bay don’t forget to take one of your bigger rods with you and just use a bigger sinker a big bait and throw it out a reasonable distance behind you so you won’t get your whiting rods tangled because anything is possible.
Salmon have been in reasonable numbers lately, caught on several beaches along the island and Kilcunda area.
Not many of the salmon have been all that big and only one or two reports of fish bigger than 1.5kg.
Reports have come from most of the island’s open beaches with a few odd ones from the jetties.
Those fishing the beaches again this week did better using ganged hooks and whole pilchards or bluebait.
There was a lot of weed early in the week and you needed to walk the beach or fish certain times of the tide to get a clean bit of water.
The weed cleared up a bit later in the week and made fishing a bit easier.
Lures worked OK but again you had to find the cleaner areas of beach.