By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

I CAN’T remember the last time we had two days in a row on a weekend as good as Saturday and Sunday.
To say the weather was perfect would be underselling the weekend and the only thing missing was fishermen.
There were more than has been over the last few months but I thought more would have been out chasing some fresh baits for the snapper season to come.
For those wanting to chase an early snapper Saturday was the best with calm seas and overcast conditions.
Unlike the weekend and week before we actually had several reports this week so we could put together a report.

The catch of the week was from one of my kayak customers who headed out Saturday morning into Cleeland Bight to chase a whiting or a flathead but to his surprise the whiting rod took off with considerably more weight than you would expect from a whiting or a flathead.
After a short fight he was surprised to find a quality snapper on the end of the line.
On his way home he wandered in to put it over the lie detector which pulled down to a few grams under 5.5kg – a quality fish in a kayak.
Several other reports came in of snapper this week but were all from deeper water either towards Corinella or still on the north east end of The Corals.
The reports didn’t make a lot of sense with fish from 8kg down to as small as 27cm, not really what you would expect from this time of the year.
Every report was the same with most boats only catching one or at best two snapper for several hours waiting.
Another report I was given second hand was of a snapper around the 5kg landed on the Newhaven jetty during the night mid-week.
While it is very early for reports from the jetty the one caught from the kayak Saturday was a new fish so it’s very possible.
They just seem to be getting earlier and earlier over the last couple of years and back to what I remember as a kid where we would start fishing early August.

Salmon reports continue from almost every open beach on the island and the beaches all the way along the coast back to Wonthaggi.
Several customers have headed to Inverloch and have fished pensioners point for mixed results but better quality fish.
Very few of the salmon that we have seen this week has been over 1kg and I would say 80 per cent have been around the 600 gram mark.
The reports were a mixture of lures and bait.
Those using lures have been casting a bit over the shallow water which takes a bit of practice so as not to get snagged but can provide a slightly bigger fish and a bit more skill is needed to land the fish.
Customers are telling me they are having success on surf poppers but are catching just as many without them.
Customers have been saying they are catching more fish using whole baits than pieces of bait, pilchard or Bluebait even those catching the smaller fish they are having no problem devouring a whole Bluebait or small pilchard.

Calamari are just continuing and there seem to be plenty there for the boats if you want to put in some work to find them.
San Remo Jetty and the reports are changing like the weather with plenty of calamari swimming around being seen by those just out for their morning walk.
Several customers this week have reported seeing large schools swimming around very first thing in the mornings while walking the dog but there has been no one fishing very early with everyone preferring to fish later in the day on the tide or into the evening.
Like the boats put in enough time and you will manage to catch them from land and the size has been better this week as well.
Some good calamari around the 1.5kg mark caught this week and on a mixture of baited and artificial jigs.
Customers using pilchards on their baited jigs are finding they are being attacked by leatherjackets and other fish so it might pay to use silver whiting or similar.
What colour for the artificial jigs has been the question again this week and after a few patterns with colours of the last few weeks this week just turned all that on its head with about a dozen different colours and types successful.

We will be very busy over the next two weeks going to Melbourne to company tackle shows putting together orders for our new season stock.
Most of the new stock will be coming in early September and again the shelves will be full.
We will be changing a few things we keep and will have several new lines of stock which of course means I need shelf space.
We are limited in store for space so some tackle just has to go and there is now a wall in the shop that has clearance items with up to 50 per cent off.