It was interesting to note the reaction of the South Gippsland Shire Council to the disastrous 2016 Local Communities Satisfaction Report at the June 2016 Council meeting.
I would have thought that this council would explore in depth and in detail the reasons for their extremely poor performance and formulate a strategy to drastically improve.
But I did not notice one positive move in that direction.
One councillor even made an analogy with a glass half full instead of half empty.
Cr Davies, my analogy is this: when I order a beer I never get a glass half full and not a half empty one either.
Why should ratepayers accept an Overall Council Direction Rating drop from a bad 44 to an even more disastrous 43 points? What is this council doing about this?
This council must make it abundantly clear to the CEO that such a disastrous performance is unacceptable, full stop.
This position of CEO must be performance managed and the outcomes must be strictly monitored with one clear message: shape up or ship out!
And if incapable, then sooner rather than later.
Documentation shows this CEO received in 2014/15 a salary increase of about $40,000 on top of a salary increase the previous year of about $20,000, no amount available for 2015/16 and a recent increase of $7570 for a total salary of $302,830 and that is, in my opinion, disgusting.
Of course the other ‘inducements’ such as provision of motor vehicle and much more is kept from us.
With a fat cat establishment that to me is twice the size it must be plus far too many fat cat support staff, I find this CEO presides over an unacceptably bloated bureaucracy.
The Overall Council Direction Performance Rating of a disastrous 43 per cent must be a wake-up call for a clean-up and clean out.
Unfortunately, this council (the ‘Voting Bloc’, really) is in my opinion incapable to manage this.
In management, one of the classic signs of incompetence is the obsessive occupancy with matters that have no real relevance to good governance while the most important issues are avoided like the plague.
The council rates are 33 per cent higher than they should be is one good example. I have followed The ‘Voting Bloc’ and am much alarmed at their behaviour.
Congratulations to Crs Hill and McEwen for their hard work and endeavours to bring good governance to this council.
You two run rings around the rest and I look forward to new councillors with a similar attitude replacing this what I regard as a clapped out, outdated and ineffective ‘Voting Bloc’.
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.