It’s good news that the Department of Education is looking to the future of our state secondary school needs for the local community of Phillip Island and closer municipalities as well.
It is time the Education Department, along with support funding from the federal and state governments, becomes a top priority.
There has been talk of land being set aside at San Remo for this project, but, if this land is not yet available, why not use the Hilton Chadwick Reserve?
The reserve at Ventnor/Rhyll Road is 40 acres or 16.18 hectares – plenty of room for a secondary school campus or year 7-10 junior campus, as well as utilising the land for present mooted proposals.
But it must be rezoned for municipal/recreational/educational purposes to ensure it cannot be sold off in the future.
It’s extremely urgent that the school be built as soon as possible.
The Bass Coast municipality and particularly Phillip Island – more than contribute to the Victorian state economy – maybe it’s time we stopped being taken for granted.
Bass Coast Council should be lobbying the state and federal governments now, or an educational crisis will be inevitable.
Private secondary school education is it the only other option in this region so this proposal needs fast tracking now.
As a parent of two future pupils, and myself a past Wonthaggi student who endured the long arduous commute, this must be a priority.
I’m sure most locals and all parents would rather back this proposal, more so than plans for an expensive ‘$10 million Cowes Precinct face-lift’.
Come on. All levels of government must come together and pursue this local demand for a state secondary school or we will never see it in our children’s lifetime
Kylie Gilder and friends, Phillip Island.