CLAAS claims its new Disco 1100 Contour is the largest tractor-mounted mower-conditioner combination available on the market following its release in early 2016.
Despite its impressive working width of 10.7m, the unit has a transport width of less than three metres, thanks to hydraulically-folding telescopic arm technology developed for the massive Claas Cougar self-propelled mower.
The 1100C will become the flagship of the completely revamped Disco series, which now includes 28 new front-mounted, rear-mounted and trailed models with operating widths from 2.6m through to 10.7m.
Contour configurations incorporate the award-winning Max Cut cutterbar, which features a wave-shaped mower bed press-formed from a single piece of material.
“This design allows the cutting discs to be positioned further forward, providing even better cutting quality under all conditions,” Claas Harvest Centre South Gippsland’s Anthony Blackshaw said.
“The large tunnel opening between the cutterbar skids, as well as their special shape, improves the self-cleaning effect and thus ensures high forage quality.
“The screw fastening concept of the cutterbar, combined with continuous lubrication of the drive components to simplify maintenance, ensure stability and a long service life.”
Max Cut retains all of the popular features from the previous P-Cut cutterbar, including the proven quick blade change system and the proven Safety Link safety module.
“In the event of a collision, the module shears at a pre-determined breaking point,” Anthony said.
“The cutting disc is held in the module by a bolt and cannot fly off.
“The module can be replaced quickly and easily and the mower unit is therefore quickly ready for use again.
“As before, the drive train of the Max Cut cutterbar is designed so that it can be run from 850rpm, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent.”
Contour models incorporate numerous other innovations, including clearly marked setting indicators, Kennfixx hydraulic couplings, an enhanced driveline with a redesigned headstock to facilitate hitching and in larger models, an optional hydraulic transport catch.
“These improvements were developed in close collaboration with customers throughout the world,” Anthony said.
“The main focus was meeting their requirements for performance, efficiency, ease of operation, maintenance, transport, safety, reliability and longevity.
“These are professional machines engineered to deliver a perfect result under all operating conditions.”
Other new features include a built-in storage device that allows butterfly mower units to be stored in a space-saving vertical position.
This is also an option on smaller three-point linkage mowers.
The mounted stand has been optimised for easier attachment and detachment, while ease of maintenance has also been improved.
Claas Disco mowers are available in five operational variants, all of which include Active Float hydro-pneumatic suspension.
“This tried-and-tested suspension system ensures the mower is consistently suspended in relation to the ground, regardless of the position of the mower in relation to the tractor,” Anthony said.
“This is made possible by large-volume pressure accumulators connected to suspension cylinders, which can be adjusted from the driver’s seat to suit conditions.”
The simpler Trend models are operated using the tractor control devices without a control terminal and can be incorporated into the tractor’s headland management.
The optional individual lifting function is operated using a ball valve, which makes it possible to pre-select the mowing units.
Contour models are operated using the tractor’s control devices, with pre-selection determined via using the Claas Operator or other Isobus-compatible control terminals.
The other three variants, Business, Duo and autoswather, are controlled using either the Operator or Communicator II control terminals, which allow fingertip control of key mower functions via the tractor’s multi-function lever.
All Trend and Contour models are protected by mechanical break-back lock to prevent collision damage.
“If triggered, the mower unit moves backwards and up and is raised above the obstacle,” Anthony said.
“To continue driving, the machine must be reversed slightly until the mechanical break-back lock is active again.
“By comparison, Business, Autoswather and Duo models are equipped with a hydraulic
non-stop break-back lock, which enables the mower unit to swing back automatically without stopping.”
For more details, visit Claas Harvest Centre South Gippsland in Leongatha.