Whether or not Bass Coast ratepayers support the new three bin system and closing of Inverloch transfer station, both planned for introduction in September 2017, they should be disturbed at the processes followed and the inherent dishonesty of our council.
In particular, people who are asking why they were not consulted are being told there was consultation in March 2015.
Council is claiming that the invitation to be involved in the development of the Waste Management Strategy Plan in early 2015, which less than 100 people took up, is somehow relevant to the implementation of controversial plans that had not even been developed at the time.
This is complete garbage (pun intended).
Readers don’t have to take my word for it, just read the Executive Summary of the Waste Management Strategy on the council’s own website.
This states: “This is not a Waste Management Plan whereby specific actions to be undertaken are documented……”
In other words, there were no definitive plans to share with the public at this time.
But it gets worse.
Page 22 of the same document declares that the council abandoned its original plans to give the public an opportunity to comment on the draft Waste Management Strategy.
Thus, not only were the public denied the chance to comment on the biggest decision made in the four-year life of this group of councillors, they were also denied the opportunity to comment on the strategy itself.
Not for the first time councillors have been deceptive, secretive, and put their personal agendas ahead of the need to bring the public with them.
No doubt some of these individuals will be putting themselves forward for re-election in a couple of months’ time.
Using the immortal words stolen from The Castle I urge all voters – “tell ‘em they’re dreaming”.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.