THE Bass Coast Shire Council says the decision to close the Inverloch Transfer Station was a directive of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
That’s because the transfer station is on top of an old landfill site which needs to be properly rehabilitated.
However, it is not clear whether the EPA has told council what rehabilitative works need to be undertaken or when they need to take place.
According to the council, statutory regulations from EPA Victoria trigger a need to undertake necessary rehabilitation works on all closed landfill sites.
“In order to best rehabilitate the old Inverloch landfill site, the transfer station would need to be closed,” council’s manager of Sustainable Environment Deirdre Griepsma said.
“There are minimum guidelines that need to be met in accordance with the EPA.”
At the time of print, the EPA had not yet established with the council what rehabilitation works were required to rectify issues impacting the environment around the Inverloch Transfer Station.
In a press release recently published online on the council’s website, it was stated that the environmental status of the council’s operating and closed waste facilities are well known to the EPA Victoria.
However, the council said it’s unknown whether the EPA will bring any work orders forward.
“Council has not been issued with the pollution abatement notice at this time for the old Inverloch landfill site,” Ms Griepsma said.
“However, we are aware that this site is subject to an abatement notice in the near future.
“The EPA has listed the landfill sites of Rhyll and Grantville as high risk, and considered these liabilities for council.
“Wonthaggi is the next on the list of sites to be rehabilitated, then Inverloch.”
Before 2010, it was up to councils to make the decision regarding the timing of rehabilitative works.
The EPA has allowed councils to spread the rehabilitation works across a number of years to assist with the financial cost.
Over the past five years, EPA and the council has focused on the rehabilitation and compliance works at the Grantville, Rhyll and Wonthaggi landfills.
The council maintains the rehabilitation of the Inverloch landfill will need to be a priority in the next few years.
“Ultimately, the transfer station is on top of the old landfill, and to correctly rehabilitate this site, we would need to dismantle the transfer station,” Ms Griepsma said.