THE zebra crossing on Murray Street has been a cause for concern for some in the community, with people reporting near misses with cars as they cross the road.
The crossing, which is at the front of the Woolworths supermarket and the Wonthaggi Library, gives the right of way to pedestrians who are crossing the road.
However, some people have reported nearly being collected by cars as they carry their shopping, with vehicles failing to give way.
John Oakes, a resident of Wonthaggi, said he and his wife have nearly been hit several times while using the crossing.
“My wife and I have both had troubles there,” Mr Oakes said.
“We’ve actually started walking up to the Bilson Street and Murray Street intersection and using the island crossing instead. It just feels safer.”
Wonthaggi Police have not recorded any recent incidents regarding the pedestrian crossing.
The Traffic and Lighting Technical Officer from the Bass Coast Shire has advised the Sentinel-Times that the Murray Street pedestrian crossing has not recently received any enquiries.
A spokesperson from the council said that, as far as they know, the pedestrian crossing is a sufficient set up, which includes flashing lights, white lines, appropriate signs and formalised pram crossings.
The council has received one request stating that the existing pram crossing on the library side is too steep for elderly people to use.
Council have organised for corrective works to take place in order to rectify this problem.
Mr Oakes said drivers should be reminded of the correct way to use the crossing.
“I think people are always in a hurry. I think there’s ignorance and arrogance involved, and maybe a bit of poor visibility at the crossing,” Mr Oakes said.