As the owner of two large and boisterous dogs, I try to do the right thing.
The other day I decided to give them a run in a dog-off-leash area.
Recognising the concerns of beachgoers, I took them to the Wonthaggi Sportsground dog park.
Noting that this area is only fenced on three sides, I stood at the open end and launched a ball toward the far end.
Imagine my surprise when the dogs both escaped out of a large gap at the other end.
This gave them free range on the walking/cycling path. No cyclists were impaired by their escape but they couldn’t find the way back. I was on the wrong side of the fence with their leads!
Luckily a walker was happy to have them follow her to the entrance at which point I put them on their leads.
I am very grateful to the anonymous walker but very disappointed that the council does not have adequate dog off lead areas.
We want tourists to spend time in this area so there should be adequate facilities.
A lot of caravan and campervan based travellers have dogs with them. Imagine if someone passing through stopped to give their dogs a break and then lost them from a supposedly secure area?
All it takes is a fence that completely encloses an area and includes a gate. Dog owners can do the rest but maybe I should hire a consultant to report back to my dogs.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank.