Surely ‘the powers that be’, namely the Hon Lisa Neville, Minister for Sustainability, South Gippsland Water and the promoters of the desalination plant (which I believe the water has 39 chemicals added to it before it’s consumed, which is a worry) could take note of the massive mega litres of fresh water currently in our landscape, saturating our land and naturally flowing out to the sea, funnily enough, past the desalination plant.
Yet they choose to spend yet more millions of dollars pumping desalination water uphill, in fact, up many hills, to Korumburra, when we could be capturing this fresh water.
A Korumburra resident has done his homework and worked out that the Korumburra reservoirs storage capacity could be improved by an amazing eight times by dredging out the sediment and raising the walls.
Now that is a real solution. It makes sense and offers a truly sustainable future for Korumburra, Leongatha and Poowong.
It would also be interesting to know if Burra Foods would be keen to use desalination water in their export products.
All in all, people should have the right to fresh water first. Don’t you think?
Droplets do count.
L. Storti, Kongwak.