BY HER courageous interview after bowing out of the Rio Olympics last Thursday, Leongatha’s Eleanor Patterson was disappointed with her performance on the big stage.
And it can’t have helped that her coach, David Green, and her games preparations were targeted by the Channel 7 commentary team and others.
But, Eleanor has continued to remain stoic and her friends proud of her efforts.
Here’s what she posted online:
“No matter what, I am always giving 110% in everything I do. Disappointed but proud to be an Olympian and so proud and thankful for all this and those who have supported me every step of the way; especially super coach David, my parents, family and friends, love you all.”
Local responses have been warmly supportive:
• So proud of you floss! You are always a winner in my eyes. Lots of love.
• You should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved in this Olympic campaign. Don’t ever let your disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams! With all your hard work and great attitude your future is bright!
• You jumped amazing Eleanor, you’re such an inspiration coming from a small town of Leongatha, vic country kids doing us proud. You’re such an inspiration and I’ve watched you since little Aths all the way. Congrats on your first Olympics.
• Amazing effort Eleanor! Absolute champion
• We were extremely proud of you, especially how well you spoke in your interview even though devastated. Your best is yet to come sweetheart. Look at the age of those in medal contention 30+. We were with you with every jump. Best in Australia and an Olympian. Wow.
Eleanor finished 11th at Rio, clearing 1.85m and 1.89m at the first attempt but failing at 1.92m and not progressing to the final.
“I just couldn’t pull it together. I was feeling really good, jumping really well and then I hit that 92 and I couldn’t put it together. I was jumping well in the warm-up, all the jumps before it but…” she said on the Channel 7 coverage.

Back home
While Eleanor’s mother, Helen, was at the head of the support team in Rio, father Mark kept the home fires burning back in Leongatha.
“Of course we’re immensely proud of her.
“And she’s aware of the massive support she has back at home. It was disappointing for her that she didn’t get to where she wanted to,” said Mark.
“She was hard on herself for 24 hours after the event but then got out and saw what she could see of the games.
“She’ll be back with the team later in the week.”
Mark said Eleanor planned to take part in the closing ceremony.
“Seeing what you see behind the scenes, you realise what people have to do to even get there. It’s a massive effort.”