The new garbage system is a crazy system.
Myself and a lot of people I know already have a compost system for kitchen scraps that is returned to the garden to improve the soil and feed the plants, and you don’t have meat scraps when you have a dog.
Also, we have mulchers so garden trimmings are mulched and again returned to the garden.
In the Nillumbik Shire north of Melbourne they have the same crazy system and for families it is a total disaster as people have to pay extra if they need a second garbage bin and most do to save a build-up of garbage waiting for a fortnight for the bin to be emptied.
So as I see it, the Bass Coast Shire Council wants to charge me extra for a scrap bin that I don’t have a use for and at the same time give me a reduction in service with fortnightly garbage collection.
If the scrap bin is collected once a week I think a lot of people will be putting normal garbage in the scrap bin to stop the stockpile of garbage around the home.
Let’s hope there is a loophole in this contract so our new councillors after October can add this to their very long list of things to repair that our councillors seem to stuff up.
Robert Scott, Inverloch.