The time remaining for our current councillors in office is fast drawing to a close, so with this in mind I believe it’s time for a review to be carried out on their performances over the past four years to enable the ratepayers to decide if they should be returned or replaced.
Some of the items that have caused concern during their term in office are:
• Wasting money on engaging consultants for the design and documentation of projects that should have been carried out by in-house staff.
• Wasting money on consultants’ fees for the design and documentation of charge schemes that have no chance of being accepted by the residents involved and are ultimately abandoned.
• Not consulting with stakeholders on proposed charge schemes prior to documentation being prepared. Not preparing estimates of costs for discussions with ratepayers prior to proceeding to the documentation stage.
• Engaged consultants to report on the Inverloch dogs on the beach fiasco and then took no notice of their recommendations and/or DAMAC’s report and went ahead with their own decisions. More money wasted.
• Close the Wonthaggi Information Centre without any notice or discussions with the stakeholders claiming it was for monitory reasons when it was mostly manned by volunteers.
• Proposing to close the Inverloch tip, again without any consultation with anyone.
• Impose a cost on ratepayers for a compost bin regardless of whether they want one or not as well as extending the collection time of their rubbish bin to fortnightly. Imagine the smell of rotting food scraps on a hot summer’s day.
• Delayed the construction of a footpath along Surf Parade until a consultant could be engaged to advise if there were any trees that should not be removed
• The greatest of all was when the council placed an advertisement in the Melbourne papers calling for consultants to advise them how they should be operating and engaging with the ratepayers – unbelievable, yep.
This is just a summary of wastages generated by this council and despite previous guarantees of consultations with all stakeholders it appears that this has not and will not be happening.
Ivan Hipworth, Inverloch.