Why I’m running for council….
I’m not out to turn the world on its head, not out to take an axe to anything, nor am I proposing to reform South Gippsland.
We live in a wonderful part of the world already. I don’t see the world as ‘them and us’. We can achieve far more by recognising that we essentially want the same things; quality of life, creativity/purpose, peace, sustainable environment.
That doesn’t mean we always need to agree on how to get there and can appropriately challenge the process, but if we can respectfully consider and empathise with each other’s positions and the impact that ideas and initiatives have on each other, we are more likely to at least understand, accept and achieve outcomes.
While I welcome new ideas, I respect our foundations.
As community member and candidate (not an existing councillor), my perception is that the council is not a perfect organisation but it’s not a terrible one either, every business or organisation can continually fine tune.
The staff that I have had dealings with, in the main, have been extremely helpful, transparent and committed to their roles and the community, they are part of the community, they are ‘us’.
We have more to gain by valuing the people we have and treating them with respect and they in turn will give their best.
Last Sunday my family celebrated 90 years of farming in Gippsland, my children are fifth generation Gippslanders and my hope for them and other local children is that the future council/we work together, as community representatives with each other, be sound advocates with other levels of government, listen to our communities and together with council administration optimise opportunities and sustain what makes our region great.
My professional (Agri Business Banking and Marketing) and community background has given me the experience (including lessons at times) and skills, growing up actively working on a dairy farm instilled my hard work ethic and my passion for future generations of South Gippslanders gives me the heart to be a solid contributor on council.
Are you with us?
Meg Edwards, candidate, Tarwin Valley Ward.