I am writing to express my great concern that the council is considering closing the Inverloch transfer station.
We moved to the area 18 years ago and in that time our rates have risen rapidly, much faster than the CPI, and yet the council is now considering cutting our services.
I don’t understand the logic that says we should pay more money for a worse service.
I find myself asking the question “What is the council spending all the ratepayers’ money on?” In my opinion council’s primary function should be to provide essential services for its residents.
We live 8km from the Inverloch transfer station, a round trip of 16km.
I have measured the distance from our place to the Wonthaggi tip.
It is a round trip of 56km; 40km more.
Not only will this be difficult, costly and time consuming for us personally, it is also environmentally unfriendly because of all the extra petrol used.
I noticed in the council submission, justifying the potential closure, it was stated that the green waste pile could be an environmental threat to Screw Creek.
I’ve spoken to my neighbour who has been a long time Landcare member and a passionate advocate for Screw Creek and he doesn’t believe that the green waste is a problem for the creek.
However, if the council is still concerned then surely the simple solution is to move the green waste pile to the other side of the depot where it is another 100m away. You could also use a bulldozer to push up an earth bund to trap any potential run off.
There is one very major consideration that I think may have been overlooked altogether in the council review.
On country roads we already have a significant problem from illegal roadside dumping of things like lawn and garden clippings, bags of rubbish, and even old tyres.
We frequently pick up garbage dumped along our road and take it to the transfer station at our expense.
If the council closes the transfer station a lot of people simply won’t bother going the extra distance and illegal dumping will increase dramatically.
Does the council have a plan to cope with the extra roadside garbage and can you please let me know who at the council we need to call to come and pick it up? I’ll need to stick that number on the fridge.
Finally, I would like our council, who after all are representatives of the residents, to understand that the Inverloch transfer station is a very important facility for us and many, many others.
It has operated efficiently in rain, hail or shine for a very long time. If there is, as has been stated by council, a need to make some changes, surely there is no need to go to the extreme option and “throw the baby out with the bath water”.
Surely the council could work with the EPA to implement some sensible and cost effective solutions that don’t cost the earth. Perhaps someone at council could open a dialogue with their EPA counterparts along these lines.
I hope the council will consider these words carefully and realise that closing our transfer station is not progress but a very backward step for the many residents who really need and rely on this service.
Chris O’Reilly, Pound Creek.