Very soon we have the local election which provides a possible clear out of dead wood – no names – and allows the introduction of men and women who offer a more creative and comprehensive vision for our future.
I have no doubt there are residents whose thoughts consider more than road improvements, rubbish removal and tree lopping.
My recent presentation to the shire mentioned the imbalanced priorities and land use.
I suggested farming and wood chip logging occupied the landscape with only limited natural strips being sandwiched in between allowing people limited recreational facilities and inadequate provision for native flora and fauna.
Locals are obliged to travel long distances to gain access.
Recently a proposal was made to increase the size of the shires.
Such a change may enable more expansive plans in the future. Perhaps the varied and attractive landscapes along the Grand Ridge Road from Warragul through to the Foster area could be developed as a scenic highway of excellence.
Mirboo North could then become a hub and the Turtons Creek areas become a developing focus point for travellers.
I have previously raised the need for a central plaza in Leongatha which is currently a mecca for cars, trucks, car parks and shops, a dreary place indeed.
The town needs a culture centre for the people.
The new bypass around the town is, I suggest, poorly conceived. The congestion at Anderson Street corner will continue and the heavy, noisy traffic will still pass through the centre to the detriment of all.
The improvements needed could not take place due to costs according to both the shire and VicRoads.
Perhaps an improved plan would result in the grubbing out of the railway track to a point half way between Leongatha and Korumburra.
Then, in the future, a more sensible return of the railway to the region could occur and a new transport hub developed.
The consequence of these changes would be an opening up of a large area of land for use and dare I suggest, a more appropriate bypass arrangement could take place. Perhaps a bonus to the people could be the development of a large native garden – what a revolution of thought! Now is always the time for change.
I have spoken to many prospective councillors seeking their reasons for standing. Only one person offered expansive ideas while the others restricted their views to the basic shire functions such as roads. Not very exciting.
The people need a broad ranging strategy which is attractively written, fully illustrated and displayed indicating a new and positive direction. We need a strong shire that is willing to confront the various controlling government agencies who exert an excessive and insensitive influence.
We pay the shire to lead and not to simply react. “It is not our responsibility” is no longer good enough.
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.