THE State Government has ignored requests for safety improvements outside Poowong Consolidated School.
Gippsland South MP Danny O’Brien and Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath joined staff and parents calling for safety improvements around the school.
“There is a deal of concern about the traffic movements along Ranceby Road and also traffic heading down Gardeners Lane to the abattoir,” Mr O’Brien said.
“The school community has been calling for the installation of electronic speed warning signs, but VicRoads and the government are resisting.”
Ms Bath recently raised the issue in State Parliament for the attention of the Roads Minister, but said she has received a disappointing response.
“According to the Minister, the traffic movements on both roads are well below the threshold set by VicRoads for the installation of electronic warning signs,” Ms Bath said.
“While VicRoads says it will work with local police to improve the enforcement of the speed zone around the school, we will continue to advocate for speed warning signs.
“We know this is a significant issue for the Poowong community and whilst we understand there must be threshold for the installation of such signs, I think there is a good case to do more to improve safety around Poowong.”
Mr O’Brien said the school safety issues and the ongoing concerns about the intersection with Drouin Road were significant issues for the Poowong community.
“Melina and I have been working on these since we were both elected, but we have received little support from the Labor Government and the community remains frustrated that there’s still a sign outside the now-closed Athlone Primary School, yet the vibrant and active Poowong School cannot get access to them.
“We will not give up the fight and will continue to advocate for improved safety around the Poowong School.”