With the exception of Councillor Clare Le Serve, voters must make sure that existing councillors standing for election should not be re-elected in October.
Asset renewal for the past four years during which these councillors have been in control has been well below the 100 per cent stated in the 2016/17 Budget as being the minimum required.
The figures from the past four years annual reports are: 2012/13 – 36%, 2013/14 – 36%, 2014/15 – 41%, 2015/16 – 55% and in the budget 2016/17 – 75%.
In the budget papers, the council stated that “A percentage greater than 100 indicates council is maintaining its existing assets, while a percentage less than 100 means its assets are deteriorating faster than they are being renewed and future capital expenditure will be required to renew assets”.
Our council has been not performing financially to its own targets.
The financial performance has been disastrous. The figures from the 2015/16 Annual Report shows the performance last year was $5 million worse than the budget.
This is why they must not be re-elected and there are many other reasons.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.