HOW would you like the shire to spend $400,000 in Korumburra?
Well thanks to the efforts of the Korumburra Business Association, the shire has a more engaged community and a broader range of ideas from which to choose.
Last week at the KBA’s annual meeting, new president Noelene Cosson, together with her new-look committee, took on the task of promoting the shire’s Community Capital Works Forum and as a result, many more people have voted and many more have posted suggestions on the shire’s website.
Here’s a selection of ideas:
• Some say the Korumburra soccer club and cricket club grounds could do with some TLC, including lighting and public toilets.
• What about finally making a proper pathway out to the secondary college?
• The indoor rec centre could do with a third court
• And what about spending money on the railway station buildings making them better fit for community use?
• A better skate park, a set of wide angle mirrors at the top of town for traffic safety, make the swimming pool an aquatic centre, a big dairy cow motif, a path to the golf club….
You name it, it’s up there for the community and the shire to consider.
There was also the comment that after the amount of town plans and public forums that have been undertaken, the council should already know what the priorities are and should get on with it.
Before the KBA picked it up and ran with it, only 164 votes had been cast, at last count, the number of votes was edging up towards 1000.
It’s all part of a pledge for better communication and a positive outlook from the KBA in 2016-17 and beyond, according to new president, Noelene Cosson,
“I see the KBA as a very important part of the town but the town needs us to work together and to send a positive message to the community and to work with council and the other authorities to achieve things for Korumburra.
“By paying you $50 membership, you’re helping the town. It’s not about ‘what am I getting out of it’ but you should be proud to be a member of the Korumburra Business Association,” she said.
“We’ve got 54 members and I’d like to see us build on that.
“We are all busy people so we aren’t here to solve all of Korumburra’s problems, but we will do our best.”
Mrs Cosson said a hallmark of the KBA was going to be better communication and would be happy to listen and work with others.
In other business:
• Cr Lorraine Brunt told a meeting of the Korumburra Business Association that there were “exciting times ahead” and she was confident some major investment would come its way soon.
• The KBA welcomed a new business to the town, School of Drama, located at 99 Commercial Street, next to Nicks Hairdressing
• In other good news it congratulated KBA members Burke and Bronwyn Brandon of Prom Country Cheese at Moyarra on winning the Champion Australian Dairy product award for its Venus Blue cheese at the inaugural 2016Australian Food Awards on Thursday, September 8 conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.
• The KBA has bought some new signs for the community group boards at the entrances to town and they have already been erected.
• A Christmas Carnival and a pre-Christmas colouring competition will be part of the end of year festivities organised by the KBA in town,
• Steve Bone stepped down as KBA president after one year and also resigned from the committee
• The KBA has 52 paid-up members but at $50 a membership, the committee believes there should be more
• The KBA has expressed its interest in and support of community use being found for the historic Korumburra Railway Station buildings.
• The KBA thanks cooperative landlords and encourages uses for presently empty shops in Korumburra for displays or as venues for “pop-up shops”
• Facebook is the social networking tool of choice for the KBA which aims to keep businesses informed via its site but is also embracing Instagram as a promotional vehicle
• The KBA has also urged locals to fill out the survey posed by the Korumburra Roundtable (copy in the Burra Flyer)
• The return of the Karmai worm was also discussed
About 50 people attended.